A dynamic, innovative and people taxi company.

A historical taxi company in eastern Paris, Atlantis Taxis is an ambitious player on the Parisian market.
Active since 1967, we never stop innovating so that we can successfully continue to meet the needs of our customers.


Today, the Atlantis Taxis network includes more than 150 salaried and affiliate drivers.

The garage in Charenton is home to the business’ head office, but also represents the rallying point for all employees - the heart of the business where everyone comes together.

This human-scale environment is a legacy of the history of the taxi company founded in 1967 by the current Chief Executive’s father.
A family business that has developed and structured itself over the years to tackle today’s market evolutions and the arrival of new important players.

Between external growth, regular investments and constant innovation, Atlantis Taxis has always been driven to offer its customers new services.

By making changes to its service to improve its customers’ experience and adopting high-performance digital tools while maintaining the versatility of a human-scale business, Atlantis Taxis has remained a leading taxi company in Paris.

These are some of the key dates in the group's history.

Then and now
The history of a taxi company


Foundation of Taxis Vern

Based in Charenton-le-Pont, the small taxi company is founded by Gérard Vern and offers its customers a fleet of a few taxis.


Foundation of Alpha Garage

Foundation of the automobile repair shop, Alpha Garage.


External and internal growth

Expansion of the taxi fleet thanks to the merger with other companies and recruitment of new taxi drivers to meet an ever larger demand.


The small family business sees its activity grow

This is reflected in the expansion of the taxi fleet that now includes more than 150 taxi driversand incorporates new services for business clients through the foundation of the company, Taxiplan.


External growth: Atlantis Taxis takeover by Taxiplan

Taxis Vern underlines its desire to modernise and follow the Parisian taxi market by taking over the Atlantis Taxis booking centre, while maintaining founder Freddy Cohen as its director.


Launch of new services

The group seeks to diversify its activity by developing “Para taxi” jobs and from that moment ensures the delivery of services to support taxi professionals in electronic payments, vehicle maintenance and rental of replacement vehicles for independent taxisAlpha Garage becomes Atlantis Autos.


IT development

Conscious of the market evolution and importance of embedded technology, Atlantis begins its digital transformation and in particular, develops new technology related to taxi dispatch.


Overhaul of the brand platform’s identity

Following its digital transformation, Atlantis redefines its new visual identity and focuses all of its activities under the Atlantis identity with the creation of the Atlantis TaxisAtlantis AutoAtlantis Monétique and Atlantis Driver brands.


Deployment of new technology

Atlantis launches its new digital tools, allowing it to meet the new needs of a market in full evolution.

Its new digital platform (Taxis and Driver) also offers the possibility to book taxis online and a multitude of services through spaces that are personalised to each visitor.

In addition, other digital services are introduced, including new on-board technology in the group’s vehicles.

The application launch also offers new possibilities to Atlantis customers, as well its teams, with even more convenience, services and personalisation.


Today, Atlantis is a major player on the Parisian taxi market for its individual, professional and institutional customers.


Development of on-board technological solutions

Atlantis integrates on-board technological solutions (dispatch, regulation, control) in its vehicles in collaboration with AZ Conception, directed at all vehicle fleet administrators, regardless of if they operate in the taxi sector or not.

To complete its digital and technological services, Atlantis offers a call centre service specialised in mobility and dispatch for the its customers’ accounts in collaboration with Serenity.