Terms of Sales

ATLANTIS TAXIS 94, (hereinafter «ATLANTIS TAXIS»), SARL with a capital of 24 000 €,
with its registered office is: 44, rue de Conflans – 94220 CHARENTON-LE-PONT registered
in CRETEIL under the RCS number 447945536, connects the CUSTOMER through his
booking portal with affiliated taxi drivers, who carry out, for their own account and under
their own responsibility, the transport services requested by the CLIENT. ATLANTIS TAXIS
offer in addition, taxi ordering services by phone from his call center 01 55 12 20 90.

Article 1: Acceptance of general conditions. All orders placed through the intermediary
of the mobile booking portal are subject without reservation to these terms and conditions.
These general conditions represent the entire reciprocal commitments of ATLANTIS
TAXIS and CUSTOMER who expressly accepts them. The data recorded by SOCIÉTÉ
constitute proof of all transactions made by ATLANTIS TAXIS and the CLIENT.
Article 2: Taxi Reservation Requests Online Booking Request Services or request for a
taxi in the immediate future are offered.

2.1. – Booking Requests A Reservation Request consists of the registration by
ATLANTIS TAXIS of a taxi request made by the CLIENT immediately. It is not a matter
the booking of a taxi identified, but taking into account a taxi search. The demand
Booking will be done only for the Ile de France. In certain situations, particularly
external factors, such as strikes, demonstrations, climatic conditions or traffic and
slowed down etc., ATLANTIS TAXIS reserves the right to limit exceptionally the
number of requests at certain times, or even to inform the customer of his impossibility
to serve orders already made. ATLANTIS TAXIS with a farm in real time, not functioning
as a clean site and depending on risks beyond his control, it is possible that the Reservation
Request will not be served immediately, in this case the CLIENT may either cancel the
order or request that ATLANTIS TAXIS continue the search for a taxi available. IN BOTH
REQUESTED. No claim for damages can be made, ATLANTIS TAXIS having an obligation
of means and not of result. The reasons for the order and the destination to join with the
taxi remaining unknown to ATLANTIS TAXIS

2.2. – Support of the passenger The CUSTOMER must get in the taxi as soon as it arrives at
the address indicated in case of immediate request, or at the agreed time in case of request to
the advance. The amount of the care and the driver approach is established on the basis of the
regulation of the Paris taxi and the prefectural tariffs. The grid of approach meters for an
immediate call or booking is available from the ATLANTIS sales department TAXIS on simple
call on 01 55 12 20 90 In case of absence of the passenger, five minutes after this time, the taxi
driver is allowed to leave without prior notice.

Article 3: Personal data The personal data of the CUSTOMER (name and phone of the
passenger address) are collected by ATLANTIS TAXIS for the purpose of good management
of orders and for evidence purposes, under the provisions of the Act Informatique et Libertés
n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978. The CLIENT must obligatorily carry out requested recordings to
be able to order online. The CLIENT has everything right of access, modification, rectification
and deletion of information personal data collected by ATLANTIS TAXIS concerning him. To
exercise this right, the CLIENT may, at his choice, send an e-mail
service.commercial@atlantistaxis.com, or send an e-mail to: • ATLANTIS TAXIS, Commercial
Service, 44, rue de Conflans – 94220 CHARENTONLE-PONT your order on our mobile booking
portal, the CLIENT gives his consent to the use, as part of the services offered, of the personal
data collected during the taking of the order under the SOCIÉTÉ Client File. The COMPANY
keeps this information for a period of two years after taking the order on computer support.

Article 4: Availability of ATLANTIS service TAXIS strives to make this service operational
almost permanently, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It allows itself, however, to
to interrupt it with or without notice, for reasons inherent to the constraints of exploitation
(mainly, high demand that can saturate the operating system, maintenance or failure
computer). The availability of the service is also conditioned by the use by the CLIENT
sufficient computer resources, in particular an Edge, 3G or Wifi and wider data.

Article 5: Responsibility of ATLANTIS TAXIS ATLANTIS TAXIS liability is limited to
search service of a taxi at the address indicated by the CLIENT. ATLANTIS TAXIS puts all its
means to find a taxi available for the CLIENT as soon as possible. The ATLANTIS TAXIS can
not be held liable if the search request for a taxi does not can be satisfied due to unavailability
of taxis. The responsibility of ATLANTIS TAXIS may be engaged in case of force majeure and
more generally in the following cases: computer maintenance, computer failure or
telecommunication networks preventing the availability of online services, strike, event, bad
weather, serious traffic accident disrupting regular traffic, bottling on an unusual scale. The
execution of the transport service is under the responsibility of the taxi driver. In case of
delay because of the taxi driver who accepted the race, execution or improper performance of
the race by the latter, the responsibility of the SOCIETY can not be engaged. IN ALL CASES,

Article 6: Intellectual Property – Copyright In application of the code of the intellectual
property, all elements of the application (formatting, images, texts, logos, databases,
programs, CGI, etc.) are the full and exclusive property of ATLANTIS TAXIS, except the
elements (logos in particular) provided by an ATLANTIS TAXIS partner.

Article 7: Amendments ATLANTIS TAXIS reserves the right to modify the terms and
conditions of use of the services without notice.

Article 8: Applicable Law-Jurisdiction Any misuse or fraudulent use is punishable by penalties
provided for by the Law and entails the automatic termination of access to the services of
ATLANTIS TAXIS without prejudice to any damages. In the event of a dispute concerning
the execution and realization of one of the services ordered online, the dispute will be,
failing amicable agreement, the attribution of competence is given to the courts on which
the ATLANTIS TAXIS head office depends.